PE resources Easy to follow lesson plans that are, differentiated, challenging and fun for both the teacher and child.
PE resources      Easy to follow lesson plans that are, differentiated, challenging and fun for both the teacher and child.

EYFS, KS1 and KS2 gymnastics

Educational gymnastics lesson plans, that encourage children to create and develop gymnastics actions and sequences. Children are encouraged to develop strength, balance and coordination whilst working as an individual and pairs.

KS2 Invasion games

All lesson plans are designed to challenge the children’s; physical, mental social and emotional intelligence. Teaching children how to attack and defend, whilst showing good sportsmanship and creating/developing safe and effective warm-ups. Including the following topic areas




KS2 Dance

All the dance units are designed to allow children to express emotions and create actions and dance phrases. children will work as individuals, in pairs and in small group. the dances all come together to perform a group dance, these can be performed in assemblies or in a dance showcase. 


Dance themes

Roller coaster dance            

Forest theme                        


Yoga dance                         


Pirate theme                       


KS1 Dance

Each of these units are designed to explore their imagination and express emotion related to the music.


3 little pigs

Toy dance

Fairy tales

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