PE resources Easy to follow lesson plans that are, differentiated, challenging and fun for both the teacher and child.
PE resources      Easy to follow lesson plans that are, differentiated, challenging and fun for both the teacher and child.

PE is more than just sport; it’s a life long journey of health, physical activity, participation and excellence. Does your physical education curriculum allow students to develop physical, mental, social and emotional skills?


I believe primary teachers are the best people to teach their class PE, they understand the students needs, and are  great classroom teachers. I provide teachers with;

Knowledge of the PE curriculum.

Confidence when teaching outdoors and using equipment

Help when planning PE lessons

Information of health and safety issues surrounding PE.

Lesson plans for all areas of the curriculum.

Tracking and assessment material.

Whilst teaching physical education many teachers lack knowledge and confidence. They know what good classroom teaching should look like, but they lack the knowledge and confidence to transfer their great teaching skills into physical education.  

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