Improving the teaching and development of primary school PE
      Improving the teaching and development of       primary school PE

School reviews

What impact have we had over the past 2 years?

Greatly improved standards in physical activity throughout school for learners. Passionate and inspired PE teachers. Assessment capable learning, using technology to improve through regular feedback. Understanding of teamwork and collaboration to improve learning ‘not just winning’ ”.

 Mrs Maginn

Deputy head teacher

The Heys Primary School


"Angela has helped transform PE at our school over the last two years. She has supported and challenged teachers with their planning and delivery of PE and engaged pupils in both curricular and extracurricular activities”.

“Having a qualified PE teacher working with the staff who is knowledgeable and knows teachers 'next steps' has subsequently improved their teaching and the pupils learning and attitudes towards PE and school sport”.

Head teacher

Mr Paul Anderson

Hurst Knoll St James’ C of E School


“Angela has a very detailed knowledge of the PE curriculum and how to teach and develop different skills.  She has worked with all our children from Nursery to Year 6.  She has developed our staff skills and enabled them to be more confident teaching all areas of primary PE.”

Assistant Head teacher

Lyndhurst Primary School



“Angela is a fantastic, hardworking professional and an expert in her field. The children absolutely love her and all she teaches them! As a teacher, I find her sessions well thought out, well linked and most importantly engaging and accessible to everyone. I have learnt so much from Angela and feel a lot more confident in my teaching of PE!”

Year 4 teacher -

Canon Johnson Primary School

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